Amy Lombard's 'Connected' Book Shows Images from 80 Live Meetups

 - Nov 14, 2016
References: amy-lombard.myshopify & wired
Online forums have allowed people who once might have considered themselves excessively weird to connect with other people just like themselves, and photographer Amy Lombard's new book, 'Connected,' celebrates those people meeting up in real life. The book documents 80 different real-world meetups that were organized through online communities.

The interests and groups in Amy Lombard's 'Connected' vary wildly -- a reflection of the niches that those groups occupy. Some relate to people's obsessions, such as the 'Friends of JRR Tolkien and Fantasy' meetup or the 'Five Borough Paranormal Research Group' for ghost hunters in New York. Others relate to one's physical identity, like 'Rock it Like a Redhead' in New York or 'Women of a Certain Age' for women over 45 in Reno, Nevada.