- Jan 28, 2017
People take an immense amount of pride in the unique characteristics of their home cities, and the top 2016 regional trends highlight and maximize local individuality. Whether it's urban pride, national pride, or some region in between, the 2016 regional trends amplify the qualities that make places unique from their neighbors.

Some of these trends create new and unique urban experiences by taking advantage of the geography in the region. Since the River Seine cuts through the heart of Paris, Carlo Ratti Associati architects designed the 'Paris Floating Gym' as a raft that lets travelers work out on stationary bicycles while they tour the city via water. Also making use of a local waterway, Chicago's 'Windy City Rubber Ducky Derby' sends rubber ducks on a race down the Illinois River as a fundraiser for the Special Olympics.

Our annual innovation conference takes place in seven cities around the world, giving attendees the opportunity to check out these regional trends themselves.

From Urban Tree Maps to Legendary Basketballer Holidays: