The Sodra Munksjon Station Proposal References Jonkoping's Past

 - Sep 21, 2016
References: erikgiudice & archdaily
Though a building made of matchsticks sounds like a dangerous idea, that didn't deter Erik Giudice Architects from its design proposal for the Sodra Munksjon train station in Jonkoping, Sweden. The proposal envisions covering the station with a rectangular wooden latticework inspired by matchsticks.

The choice of matchsticks as inspiration for Sodra Munksjon station is not a random one. Jonkoping rose to prominence as a Swedish city thanks to its industrial history as Tandsticksstaden, or the matchstick capital of Sweden.

As far as function is concerned, Erik Giudice Architects' design provides speckled shade for the train station, allowing sunlight through the spaces in the latticework without overpowering the open space. This quality also allows commuters to see through the roof to the surrounding city and environment, making for a more pleasant trip.