From Locally Sourced Restaurants to Culture-Celebrating Events

 - Oct 29, 2016
These October 2016 regional ideas have an expansive range, however each takes strides to incorporate pieces of the area in which it is set.

During the annual flower festival that's known as Corso Zundert in the Netherlands, attendees got to see a series of immaculate mystical floats that were constructed almost entirely from blossoms picked in the region. With this, locals had the chance to come together and celebrate the end of summer and much exposure was granted to the creatives who contributed their efforts. Not only that, but the economy of the area was likely benefited by an increase of visitors as well.

In another example that's taken from this cluster of October 2016 regional ideas, students of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in Canada, joined together to build a canoe in celebration of Canada's birthday. By participating, they gained a deeper appreciation for their country's history and were able to form closer bonds with one another by implementing a necessary team mentality.