From Compact Police Cars to Machine Learning Cars

 - Oct 30, 2016
The top October 2016 transportation ideas feature an array of concepts that are propelling the future of travel forward. Among them include cars that are powered by machine learning, autonomous cargo boats and zero-emission trains.

At the same time these underlying systems are being overhauled for more efficiency, so are the passenger seats on planes, subway cars and trains. A prime example of this is PriestmanGoode's design for train seats, which increases the seating capacity by about 30%.

While public transportation hubs are often utilitarian in their designs, as more consumers opt to take sustainable forms of shared transportation, subway stations, trains and bus terminals are being celebrated with aesthetically pleasing designs. Examples of this include the Sodra Munksjon Station in Jonkoping, Sweden, as well as the Dubai's new Red Line terminal extension.