The Big Imagination Foundation Jumbo Jet Is an Interactive Art Experience

 - Sep 1, 2016
References: indiegogo & thecreatorsproject.vice
The Big Imagination Foundation is the team behind this mobile Jumbo Jet nightclub that offers guests the chance to explore an interactive art experience aboard a massive flight vessel. The get is a refurbished Boeing 747 from 1985 that was previously used for commercial flights. Now the plane has been converted into a club that can take off and land anywhere to offer an inviting and creative space for visitors to explore.

The airplane offers the aesthetic of a nightclub with a remodelling of the interior to feature chic couches, loungers and bars in place of rows of seats. The ceiling also houses an open deck as well as black lights to create a mysterious atmosphere. Inside the space is decorated with psychedelic artwork and a wall featuring 'Emotional Baggage Tags.' The faux luggage tags encourage visitors to share one thing in their life that they want to leave behind.