- Aug 21, 2017
These Millennial party culture innovations range from Caribbean cruise ship festivals to airborne DJ sets like tequila-flavored beer brand Desperados' 'Bass Drop' event. The unforgettable dance party took place 30, 000 feet above Las Vegas, and was hosted aboard a zero-gravity airplane which featured an illuminated and club-like interior.

Taking live entertainment to new heights, T-Mobile's recent campaign illustrates the endless potential of 5G technology, and its ability to make virtual rock concerts more immersive than ever before. Additional examples to note include Theory Kitchen's 'Meal of Fortune,' party which was described as "part restaurant, part arcade." The experiential dining event fused the exciting energy of a night club and gaming center with an artisanal menu geared toward serious foodies.

Music festival rideshare apps, fidget spinner bars, and virtual house party apps round off this list and illustrate the diversity of Millennial party culture -- along with this demographic's appreciation for niche experiences that are shareable on social media.

From Caribbean Cruise Festivals to Zero-Gravity DJ Parties: