'The Mutant Lounge' is a Promotional Cocktail Bar for FOX's 'Legion'

 - Jan 25, 2017
References: eventbrite
Legion is a new superhero series set for release from FOX, and the broadcaster is promoting the highly anticipated show with 'The Mutant Lounge.' The mysterious pop-up cocktail bar in London's Century Club will be staffed by people who look normal for all intents and purposes. However, over the course of the evening, their strange abilities will gradually be revealed.

The Mutant Lounge is a fitting promotion for Legion, as the narrative of the show centers around a powerful mutant in the X-Men universe who is unaware of his powers. Likewise, patrons at The Mutant Lounge will be entirely clueless as to the specific abilities of the bar staff serving them — which is sure to make for a thrilling and fantastical evening.