Amtrak's New High-Speed Trains Handle Curves With Smooth Precision

 - Aug 30, 2016
References: media.amtrak & newatlas
High-speed trains are an increasingly popular mode of transportation, but the problem with many existing vehicles is that they don't offer the most comfortable ride due to the speeds at which they travel. But the new Amtrak trains, available to passengers traveling in the Acela Express service in the USA, come equipped with a high-tech 'anticipative tilting system' that makes the train move in a smoother fashion even at high speeds.

These high-speed trains are equipped with technology that uses special sensors to detect trains' positions and compensate for bending motions, allowing trains to handle track curves at greater speeds and with less jarring movement. What's more, the trains will use 20 percent less energy than previous models.

All of this goes to show that modern high-speed trains are more than capable of offering significantly improved performance and comfort without using up more resources.