From Upcycled Men's Jeans to Sustainable Rattan Chairs

 - Aug 27, 2016
The top August 2016 eco design ideas introduce a number of ways that consumers can take sustainability into their own hands. In order to protect themselves and better the environmental conditions around them, consumers are turning to air filtration products in the form of wearable garments, fireplaces for the home and even baby strollers. These are all products that let consumers go about their daily lives, without having to give much thought to their impact on the environment.

Environmentally conscious designs are not traditionally associated with the luxury market, but consumers are holding brands accountable for considering sustainability in the design process. The latest Victor & Rolf collection to walk down the runway was made from recycled scrap fabrics and Urban Outfitters' 'Rework' line is made entirely from repurposed fabric.