These Reclaimed Plastic Chopsticks Work to Reduce Ocean Waste

 - Jul 15, 2016
References: kickstarter & inspiration.spoon-tamago
Chopsticks are utensils that were once specific to East Asia but are now used around the world and these reclaimed plastic chopsticks aim to reduce ocean waste.

'Umi Hashi' chopsticks, created by Yavez S.E. Anthonio, have a multi-hued unique design due to the fact that they were created by a variety of different ocean plastics. When ocean plastic breaks down into small pieces, fish tend to mistake it for food and consume it and those fish are then eaten by humans or by other animals that humans will then eat. This is a problem for both environmental and human health and by creating reclaimed plastic chopsticks, this designer aims to alleviate the issue as much as he can.

This product is not only made from recycled materials but is recyclable itself, making it friendly to the environment while also maintaining a unique design.