From Disability-Conscious Cutting Boards to Edible Dessert Spoons

 - Jul 22, 2016
Part of what distinguishes humanity from other species is tool use, and some of the very first tools ever used dozens of millennia ago were cookware products, be they fire-hardened spits for roasting a succulent cut of mammoth or makeshift utensils for picking out the last few berries gathered that day. Cookware products have come a long way, though. Food is just as important to survival today as it was when troglodytes wandered the earth, and so it's no surprise that a vast amount of thought, creativity, and technology has gone into the tools that help us dine.

Some developments are primarily aesthetic, like wireframe dishware and 'Star Wars'-themed cookware that aim to make a more joyful eating experience. Others are practical, like meat-masticating utensils and dual-handed knives. Others still, like collapsible skillets and folding dish sets, help connect people with the hunting and gathering roots that spawned cookware in the first place by encouraging outdoor activities.