Studio Dessuant Bone's 'Fasted' Rethinks the Ritual of Dining

Though not necessarily practical, this wireframe dishware collection is aesthetically striking, rethinking the ritual of dining in a unique way. Created by Studio Dessuant Bone, the 'Fasted' dishware collection is actually an art series of sculptures that are modeled after plates, glasses, bottles and utensils -- one difference being that they are hollow, featuring framed forms that can't actually sustain any food and drink contents.

While they can't be used by those enjoying a meal or a drink, these metal-made dishes re-imagine what food means to today's generation and are a subtle commentary on Millennials' obsession with the aesthetics surrounding what they consume.

Much like elegantly arranged Instagram images of food, this collection's dishes are aesthetically pristine, made from brass wire that is minimalist and photogenic from any angle.