The Gravity Chopsticks Serve as a More Sanitary Utensil

 - Mar 24, 2016
References: uncrate
Dang Tran recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for his 'Gravity Chopsticks.' One of the common dilemmas chopstick-users face is where to put their utensils while eating. This revolutionary pair of chopsticks provides a sanitary solution for resting utensils between bites.

Instead of using a chopstick rest, Gravity Chopsticks use the power of gravity to keep utensils off of questionable surfaces. The set is made from hardened aluminum alloy blocks and natural maple and walnut wood tips for a sleek and stylish finish. What truly sets the chopsticks apart from other utensils is their unique geometry design and precise weight distribution, which ensures that the tips never touch the surface of the table. This allows users to put their chopsticks down at any time, without worrying that the tips will become contaminated.

Gravity Chopsticks ultimately solves an age-old dilemma by helping users keep their utensils clean at all times.