From Luxe Maternity Activewear to Senior Co-Working Spaces

 - Mar 18, 2016
These March 2016 life-stages trends range from expanding maternity activewear collections to co-working spaces that target entrepreneurial seniors. No longer synonymous with negative connotations, retirement is becoming a time of opportunity for boomers and seniors alike. Rather than fearing the aging process, more and more individuals are embracing it and starting new ventures and forgotten passion projects, as illustrated with these relevant examples.

When looking at modern motherhood, fashion-forward maternity lines appeal to style-conscious consumers who are also seeking function. Furthermore, connected baby gadgets are designed to appeal to Millennials' tech-savvy brains while reducing common parental worries.

When examining the month's kid-friendly toys and similar products, these March 2016 life-stages trends include political action figures and controversial artist dolls. While adult in their tone, these products illustrate parents' desire to make children both historically and socially aware from a young age.