The Guggenheim Offers Special Activity Kits for Children

 - Feb 27, 2016
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As part of an effort to make the Guggenheim more family-friendly, the museum now offers special activity kits for children. One of the problems many museums and galleries face is keeping children entertained while their parents enjoy the exhibits. This museum's family-friendly promotion demonstrates a unique way that museums can accommodate children and keep them engaged.

The Guggenheim now hosts a Family Activity Kiosk where visitors with children can pick up special activity kits. These kits are free with admission and they are filled with different games and activities that help to keep children engaged during their time at the museum. Some of the tools featured in the kit include picture books, pencils, sketch pads, touch objects and even artwork-specific flash cards. Each item is intended to facilitate an engaging self-guided tour so that parents and their children can enjoy their visit to the museum.

The activity kits are one example of how museums can make self-guided tours more educational and entertaining for children and their parents.