From Plant-Specific Probiotics to Printed Biomimicry Dresses

 - Mar 12, 2016
The top March 2016 science ideas highlight a number of scientific research, innovative products and cutting edge services informed by the scientific fields.

Two pieces revealed at New York Fashion Week by threeASFOUR titled Harmonograph and Pangolin were 3D-printed pieces designed based on the principles of biomimicry. The nature-inspired dresses were a part of the brand's Biomimicry collection and were created by threeASFOUR in collaboration with designer Travis Fitch and 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys.

A Cambridge-based startup called Indigo has created a probiotic product for plants that is said to increase the crop yields. The innovation will be particularly interesting in a time marked by unpredictable weather patterns that disrupt natural harvest seasons, where being able to increase yields would be significantly profitable.