This Prosthetic Device Allows For Independent Control of Fingers

 - Feb 19, 2016
References: & gizmag
While there are quite a lot of mind-controlled prosthetics out there that in their own way help enhance the lives of amputees by enabling them to carry out more complicated tasks, this particular device devised by a group of scientists and engineers at Johns Hopkins University is truly unique.

What makes this mind-controlled prosthetic stand out is that it is capable of giving the wearer the ability to control their fingers independently using their mind. This means that they can move one finger at a time, allowing for greater versatility and functionality.

This mind-controlled prosthetic uses high-tech brain mapping data as well as computer programming, meaning it is still some years away from being more widely available. However, there's no question that this prosthetic will significantly improve the quality of life of amputees.