This Database Encourages Worldwide Standards for Food Integrity

 - Feb 8, 2016
References: clearlabs & psfk
Clear Labs is currently building a database that encourages new standards for food integrity. As consumers learn more about allergens, contaminants and the way our food is produced, there is a growing demand for greater transparency. Now there is a group that is working on an index that will help consumers find out exactly what they are eating.

Clear Labs is a group of genomic scientists and software engineers that is currently indexing the world's food supply. This process consists of analyzing food at the molecular level in order to identify ingredient accuracy, origin, bacterial contamination, allergens, nutritional data, GMOs and off-label additives. The information is then input into a genomic database called Clear Score, which will eventually provide brands and consumers with information about all pre-made food products.

The goal of the project is to encourage greater transparency and help set new standards for food integrity.