From Contact-Free Wellness Trackers to High-Performance UV Sensors

 - Jan 11, 2016
From wearable wellness tracker to IVF prediction tests, these CES 2016 health innovations demonstrate an increasing demand for technology that can help doctors and patients manage their health in a more accurate way.

Some of the most popular CES 2016 health innovations consist of wearable devices that provide a hassle-free way to track diagnostic information. Unlike older medical technology, wearables give doctors the flexibility to monitor a patient's health and well being from afar. Some standout examples include a sticker-like device that can help doctors diagnose neurodegenerative disorders and a UV-tracking patch that helps consumers track their sun exposure.

Beyond medical-grade wearbles, CES 2016 also exhibited a number of consumer-friendly healthcare devices. These innovative devices include food scanning apps that help consumers avoid unhealthy foods, pregnancy-tracking devices for couples trying to conceive and portable heart monitors that provide real-time blood pressure readings. Each of these devices can be used at home to help consumers take control of their own health.