This Company Increasing Crop Yields with Probiotics for Plants

 - Feb 18, 2016
References: indigoag & fastcoexist
An agricultural startup called 'Indigo' is helping farmers increase their yields by producing probiotics for plants. The scientific breakthrough is particularly timely as yield gains in the US have slowed to just 1 percent per year.

Indigo is a Cambridge-based startup that is producing probiotics for plants. This involves dosing seeds in healthy microbes before they are placed in the ground. These microbes allow the plants to grow with less water, in hotter environments and in saltier soil. As a result, these plants can stand up to some of the types of stress that come from climate change. In turn, farmers using the technology can increase their yields by as much as 10 percent.

As farmers continue to struggle with feeding a growing population, this technology could help significantly increase crop production.