This Conductive Concrete Roadway Melts Snow and Ice on Contact

 - Feb 10, 2016
References: citylab & fastcoexist
Lim Nguyen and Chris Tuan from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, created a conductive concrete roadway that can solve the issue of keeping roads clear in winter. Although many cities have developed ways to deal with snow and ice, heavy storms can still bring traffic to a standstill. This heated road could solve winter traffic problems by simply melting snow and ice on contact.

The heated roadway developed by Nguyen and Tuan consists of conductive concrete that instantly melts snow and ice. This is possible due to electric currents running through the concrete, which ultimately turn the road into a giant heater. 48 volts is all that is needed to power the road and if it is turned on prior to a snowstorm it can prevent snow and ice from settling in the first place. While the heated slabs do cost slightly more than regular pavement, the road is still affordable because it is partially made from recycled industrial waste.