From Cancer-Detecting Gloves to Salt-Embedded Asphalt

 - Feb 28, 2016
The top February 2016 science trends highlights research and commercial applications of innovations related to any of the scientific disciplines.

Recently, a research team at the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Engineering announced their success in developing a pair of sensor-embedded gloves capable of detecting the presence cancerous cells. The awe-inspiring project involves the science of haptic pressure and suggests a previously unimagined application for wearable technology.

Meanwhile, a project of Shell and Akon Lighting Africa in Lagos has seen the installation of a soccer pitch that transforms the kinetic energy of each step the players make into power to light the stadium. Manufactured by Pavegen, the innovative technology allows players to enjoy physical activity at night when the weather is cooler and more temperate, while it also suggests cost-efficient sustainable power sources.