This Glove Uses Echolocation and Haptic Feedback Underwater

 - Jan 21, 2016
References: aisencaro & fastcoexist
The 'IrukaTact' is a pair of haptic search gloves that helps humans see like a dolphin underwater. While underwater cameras give us a glimpse of the ocean floor, this device goes beyond the limits of visual technology.

Unlike traditional diving gloves, the IrukaTact uses echolocation and haptic feedback to extend the wearer's sense of touch underwater. The search gloves are able to communicate touch through the use of a tiny ultrasonic rangefinder located in the palm of the hand. When an object is detected, the device triggers a pump that uses water pressure to send haptic feedback to the wearer's fingertips. The pressure is used to communicate the size of the object and how far away it is from the diver. As a result, the technology allows divers to extend their sense of touch beyond the length of their arms.

While the new technology could be used for many different purposes, it is particularly useful for underwater rescue missions during which the water may be too cloudy for a diver to see clearly.