From Boosted Budget Smartphones to Self-Powered E-Bikes

 - May 25, 2016
Although North American brands such as Apple and Windows receive a great deal of press, there are a number of Chinese tech firms that are producing some of the world's most innovative products. Not only do these gadgets feature cutting-edge technology, but many of these devices are also affordable enough for the average consumer.

One of the key industries that Chinese tech companies are dominating is that of smartphone manufacturing. While brands such as Apple and Samsung continue to churn out pricey new smartphones, Chinese companies such as Meizu and Xiaomi are combining high-quality specs with affordable price tags. With such low prices, Chinese brands are ensuring that smartphone technology is more accessible to a wide variety of consumers.

Beyond smartphones, Chinese brands are also working on ways of integrating new technology into existing products. For instance, a company called LeEco created a smart bike that helps urban commuters stay connected. Another example is Xiaomi's high-tech rice cooker, which can be controlled remotely using a smartphone. Such innovations demonstrate how Chinese brands are thinking outside the box to develop innovative consumer products.