At CES 2016, Planetary Resources Showed Off 3D-Printed Alien Metal

3D printing filaments can now be created from food waste, stone and even formed to be water-soluble—but Planetary Resources recently wowed CES 2016 attendees by showing off the first object 3D-printed from alien metal.

Planetary Resources is on a mission to prove that asteroids can be mined and their materials used as resources for Earth. To demonstrate how it plant to make this a reality, the company ventured to the Consumer Electronics Show, bringing a small 3D-printed model of a spacecraft that was created entirely from materials collected from beyond Earth. The alien metals used in the creation of this object originate from the site of a meteor crash that happened thousands of years ago near Argentina.

While this alien metal was harvested here on earth, the 3D-printed spacecraft is representative of the vehicle that Planetary Resources plans to use one day in order to collect new materials from space.