From Simplistic Fitness Trackers to Winter Jacket Heaters

 - Feb 28, 2016
These February 2016 gadgets trends range from simplified smartwatches to connected clothing items like heated winter jackets and smart gowns. In addition to clothing staples and accessories that are designed to decipher one's mood or to charge mobile devices, other notable gadgets include strap-on sneaker wheels that transform an everyday pair of shoes into electric rollerblades.

In the physical fitness realm, examples like app-connected lunch boxes help users stay on top of fitness goals by tracking calorie intake. Additionally, connected activewear garments help athletes examine their precision and performance during training sessions.

Additional February 2016 gadgets include electronic headgear like a connected beauty mask that examines the properties of one's skin along with paint ball googles that are equipped with a digital heads-up display.