The Bonx Earbud Offers Two Way Communication Between Freinds

 - Dec 31, 2015
References: & blessthisstuff
The Bonx earbud designs are a modern interpretation of the walkie-talkie for millennial consumers offering a seamless wearable design that offers two way communication with the touch of a button. Unlike old school walkie-talkies that once had to be held for use, these contemporary versions hook up to cellular devices through a mobile app and use Bluetooth technology for seamless and high-quality audio.

When cellular data isn't available, the Bonx walkie-talkies are an ideal solution to facilitate long distance communication. The device is essentially a wearable ear piece that wraps around the ear. Without buttons, the device works with hans-free Bluetooth voice command to communicate with other Bonx headsets. This would be an ideal gadget to use for camping, skiing, snowboarding or canoe trips when having a smartphone on-hand isn't fully functional.