The 'Light Ball' is a Smoke Filter and Lighted Guidance Beacon

 - Jan 8, 2016
References: & tuvie
Two of the main inhibitors for firefighters trying to help people from escaping burning buildings are smoke and visibility, so the 'Light Ball' is designed as a smoke filter with a light to help guide everyone safely to an exit.

Designed by Jang Wonkyung and Jeong ChanYeop, the conceptual 'Light Ball' would be able to be clipped onto the utility belts of firefighters and utilized within burning buildings. Whether used to help guide them back out or to help civilians find the exit, the 'Light Ball' could be activated and places to start filtering smoke and lighting the route to a safe exit.

Surely capable of preventing fire-related injuries, the 'Light Ball' smoke filter and lighting system could save lives in the event of an emergency.