From Carbon Fiber Laptops to Home Automation Assistants

 - Feb 27, 2016
Many of the top February 2016 tech ideas stem from the Consumer Electronics Show, a tradeshow that sets the tone for what to expect from the technology industry going forward. Some of the most exciting new technologies include next-generation mobiles, photography tools, gaming equipment, as well as wearable technology for just about every purpose under the sun. As wearable technology advances, biometric clothing designs are also becoming better able to pass as ordinary clothing pieces with extraordinary abilities that will react to stress or particular movements in the body.

If CES 2016 was any indication, robots are set to become staples of future households, capable of assisting with everything from cooking and cleaning to overseeing home security.

These February 2016 tech trends are an indication of the roles that automation and biometrics will play in emerging technology of the not-too-distant future.