The iSkelter Makeup Station is Optimized for YouTube Makeup Tutorials

 - Jan 11, 2016
References: & coolest-gadgets
The popularity of YouTube tutorials with a wide variety of consumer segments is on the rise, so the iSkelter Makeup Station looks to satisfy the beauty tutorial-focused consumer. Aside from having ample space to store makeup, brushes, powders and whatever else is in one's makeup collection, the iSkelter Makeup Station also features a built-in stand for an iPad or smartphone to watch beauty tutorials and try them out in real-time.

Crafted from bamboo which makes the product a little bit more eco-friendly, the iSkelter Makeup Station features two levels of storage to keep everything in place and looking tidy when not in use. Focused on satisfying tech-focused consumers, the makeup storage station is a 21st century approach to doing one's own makeup.