These Anti-Pollution Skincare Products Block Environmental Stressors

 - Jan 25, 2017
Environmental pollution is a problem around the world that has created a high demand for anti-pollution skincare products to protect the skin from daily exposure to toxins. While many of these personal care products first came out of Asia, particularly in regions where air quality is a particular health concern, they are now popping up in markets across the globe—especially as new research suggests that environmental pollutants speed up the aging process more than UVA and UVB damage.

As far as the ingredients that are being included in anti-pollution products, they are not especially new—some have been around for centuries. However, anti-aging herbs and other natural sources of antioxidants are being marketed in fresh new ways with an emphasis on protection, defense and forming barriers between one's skin and the irritants that are out there in the world.

These innovative anti-pollution products are being introduced to consumers in the form of soaps and serums, as well as face masks and mists.