- Oct 28, 2017
AR shopping experiences no longer represent far-off concepts but the future of shopping.

Augmented reality is now being used as the basis for many shopping marketplaces and apps, helping web shoppers to get a better sense of what a product looks like in 3D or in the case of clothing, perhaps even their own body. As well as augmented reality becoming an integral part of solving some of the pain points of online shopping, it is ushering in the next wave of brick-and-mortar retail innovation. Mastercard recently created an AR shopping experience that integrates its Masterpass and Identity Check Mobile with iris authentication.

While there have been several shopping or product discovery apps that have implemented AR technology over the years, retailers like IKEA are making the most of cutting-edge technology like Apple's ARKit for iOS 11.

From Digitized Retail Directories to AR Eyewear Apps: