This Smart Clothing Piece from Intel Reacts to the Body's Adrenals

 - Jan 23, 2016
References: digitaltrends
As part of a collaboration with designer Becca McCharen and her Chromat label, Intel is creating smart clothing pieces that fuse cutting-edge fashion and technology. One of the dresses created in the project is called the 'Adrenaline Dress,' a design that is responsive to the adrenal functions in the body, which are related to stress.

The dress features a wiry shape that can grow or shrink in the same way that many animals do in order to ward off predators. This biometric-triggered part of the design is controlled by the Intel Curie Module, a computer that's about the same size as a button. The sensors in this small computer are used to track a number of cues from the wearer, including their perspiration, breathing patterns and temperature. In response to these factors, the memory alloy of the structured dress grows or shrinks depending on the amount of stress detected in the body.