From Smartphone-Powered Laptops to Wearable VR Computers

 - Jan 29, 2017
Considering the continuing rise in the popularity of mobile devices, one might have expected the realm of computers to stagnate, but the 2016 computer trends show that's far from the case. And as our FREE 2017 Trend Report shows, the computer industry isn't likely to take pause in the coming months, either.

Since computers are freed from the constrictions of size that hamper mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, they have more space to flex their hardware. Though mobile devices might be able to keep up with desktop and laptop computers for many simple online tasks, computers are without peers where immense processing power is a necessity.

Video games are one area in which computers still reign supreme. This is evident not only due to the power of computers themselves, but also upon seeing the wealth of computer peripherals (like mouses and keyboards) designed specifically for hardcore gaming.