This Aluminum Laptop Stand Ensures the Health of the Devices

 - Aug 7, 2016
References: tuvie & core77
This aluminum laptop stand was designed by Bryan Wong with the goal to protect laptops.

Overheating is a common problem that most laptops end up having and it can be extremely harmful to laptops' health. Whether they are used for work, play, or both, it is crucial to protect laptops from overheating to protect them from issues such as crashes and data loss. The 'Aluminum Heatsink Laptop Stand' is designed to avoid this with its vertical aluminum lines. The space between the lines allows for airflow and a cooling effect, while the angled tilt of the laptop stands ensures the comfort of the user.

Since laptops are consistently used in most areas of life, products such as this aluminum laptop stand ensure that their health as well as the health of the user remains intact.