- May 6, 2015
These analog office innovations are intentionally designed to restore balance in the workplace. From battling sedentary lifestyles to introducing mindfulness, these products and services will enhance productivity and improve health and well-being at work.

Standing desks and similar movement-encouraging furniture enable people to get work done without becoming completely chained to their desks, hunched over and sore. Many are adjustible and some incorporate more activity like cycling or surfing. When it comes to furniture, portability is another feature that restores balance as it allows work to get done outdoors or in a refreshingly new location. Ergonomic design also comes into play with low-tech office innovations.

Finding ways to introduce not just movement but mindfulness is also important. This is where branded yoga breaks and pre-work dance parties come in. Handmade meditation cards also make breaks more productive.

From Adjustable Standing Desks to Branded Yoga Breaks: