Writing with Parkinson's is Made More Comfortable with This Vibrating Implement

 - Mar 26, 2015
References: lucyjungsm.wix & yankodesign
Between the muscle cramps and the uncontrollable quivering, writing with Parkinson's can be an ordeal for sufferers of the disease. This struggle has been recognized by a group of designers that has come up with an innovative ergonomic solution.

The Arc Pen is an electronic writing utensil that vibrates gently within the writer's hand. The purpose here is to target and stimulate specific muscles, easing up the tension within the user's grip. The thick-middled form of this clever scrawler is more comfortable to hold with a looser clutch too, and these features together help to make movements across the page much more natural to exercise. Tests of Lucy Jung's invention have proven to help to quell the cramped cursive writing of micrographia by 86%.