The Ergonomically Optimized Workspace Uses Kinect 3D Scanner to Create

 - Jan 23, 2014
References: dankonius.wix &
Imagine pulling up a seat to a desk customized specifically to the proportions of one's bodies as well as the various needs throughout the day; the Ergonomically Optimized Workspace does just that. It is a desk that a person creates him- or herself with the help of a Kinect 3D scanner.

To figure out the unique dimensions of the Ergonomically Optimized Workspace, a person simply sits down in front of the Kinect 3D scanner and stretches his or her arms out at different points to specify its shape. In the demonstration above, industrial designer Danko Radulovic created a U-shaped desk with various points that resulted in an asymmetrical design.

Developed at ENSCI les ateliers in Paris, France, the Ergonomically Optimized Workspace appears to be a concept for now.