Eden Lew's Nutshell Sleep Pod Provides a Platform for Naps in Public

 - Nov 19, 2014
References: productsofdesign.sva.edu & mashable
This sleep pod is designed to help urbanites take productive breaks in public. A massive win for nappers, The Nutshell provides a platform for napping that boasts benefits including happiness, creativity, concentration, personal agency, work/life balance and improved relationships.

From New York School of Visual Arts MFA student Eden Lew, The Nutshell is a portable one-person opaque sleep pod that contains the napper while they escape public life for a short while. It also comes equipped with an iPod jack. The invention can be strapped to a backpack and the hood can be unfolded whenever you need a nap or some TV-watching time at the library or office.

Napping has other psychological positives such as decreased depression, lowered stress, less loneliness and burn out prevention.