From Airport Sleeping Pods to Relaxing Office Capsules

 - Jul 17, 2015
These pod-like furniture pieces bring a futuristic vibe to any space. Pod-like seating is popping up in various industries such as homes and offices. These privatized office stations will let users get to work without distractions.

A great way to use pods in living spaces is the half-moon pod chairs for kids who need to be watched but also deserve a bit of privacy. Some restaurants are even offering pod-styled seating that allows guests to feel secluded and intimate in a public space. The 'Cloud Observatory' is another interesting way to experience pods. This project is set on a rooftop and provides guests with private pods to watch the clouds, embrace the cityscape and enjoy a meal.

Pods are a great way to block out the rest of the world. They provide an isolated sanctuary to eat, work or simply relax.