The Nutshell Lets You Enjoy Alone Time At Work

 - Nov 24, 2014
References: edenlew & gizmag
The Nutshell is a wearable isolation pod, designed by Eden Lew, that aims to improve the quality of break times at work by making it easier than ever to switch off from your surroundings and take a break. The pod is designed to block off one's surroundings in the work place, allowing the user to enjoy a more relaxing break time.

The contraption bears folds that help make it lightweight, collapsible and wearable.

You may look slightly anti-social while wrapped up in your personal collapsible isolation pod but that's kind of the point.

The Nutshell is presently only a concept, but the positive feedback it has garnered has inspired Lew to look into the possibility of bringing it to market.