- Oct 26, 2015
These modern treehouses serve a variety of functions, from treehouse homes to leafy pod offices to treetop hotel cabins. But whatever their purpose, they share a playful, whimsical aesthetic and imaginative arboreal designs.

The Tree House Brewery in Ohio is one great example of an entirely innovative use for treehouse architecture. The Tree House Brewery appeals to the inner child in every adult. While grown-ups love to enjoy a beer or two and converse with friends in a pub environment, they still keep the nostalgia for their childhood days of climbing trees and swinging from branches. The Tree House Brewery satisfies both desires.

A treehouse home in Atlanta, Georgia takes every little kid's dream of living in a treehouse and makes it a reality. A rustic and dreamy dwelling, the treehouse home is packed with beautiful antique furniture and located in the heart of Atlanta.

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