Nelson Invites Nature Lovers to Spend a Night Amongst the Trees

 - Jan 17, 2014
References: treehousepoint & mymodernmet
Seattle born Pete Nelson is a tree house building fanatic; his passion began when he was five years old and built his first tree house using only a screwdriver and a hammer with his father.

Heavily inspired by his experience with trees and the great outdoors combined with the desire to connect with nature, his passion sparked his desire to find new plots of land where he can build more tree houses. By combining the comfort of a home or lodging with a house suspended amongst the trees, he created the TreeHouse Point. The destination is an extraordinary Bed and Breakfast that allows you to stay the night.

TreeHouse Point is located approximately 22 miles away from Seattle and continues to expand today. After nearly 20 years of building tree houses, Nelson has since built five more; six in total.