- May 21, 2015
These temporary retail innovations range from mobile bus boutiques to shadowplay pop-up shop displays that interact with visitors digitally. Whether appealing to the senses or connecting with consumers through the use of modern technology, independent and established brands are going the pop-up shop route when marketing new collections and product launches.

Standouts from this list include Kenzo's pop-up bus boutique that took over Dubai streets earlier this year. In addition to visiting a branded shop, visitors of the bus were able to commute in a way that was much more experiential than the traditional transit ride. Furthermore, this mobile boutique also featured an in-house cafe that enhanced consumers' experience even further.

Other temporary retail favorites range from nostalgic denim pop-ups to beer-branded clothing boutiques that encourage fashion fans to buy from local and emerging design talents.

From Mobile Bus Boutiques to Shadowplay Pop-Up Shops: