This Wood Cabin is Built Around an Oak Tree

 - May 13, 2014
References: chateaux-dans-les-arbres &
This castle-inspired wood cabin located in Hautefort, France combines a woodland atmosphere and comfortable cabin abroad the forest's natural surroundings. The cabin, known in French as the Chateau dans les Arbres, is a castle-shaped treehouse where grown-ups can dash off to for a very special and secluded getaway.

Rather than eliminating the surrounding forest to create space for wood cabins, the Chateau dans les Arbres cleverly incorporates the surrounding trees into its design. The Chateau dans les Arbres is creatively built around a massive oak tree that extends through the middle of the home. The castle-themed cabin is divided up into several rustic rooms that each make use of compact space and the surrounding environment. For example, the bathroom sinks are made from hollowed-out rocks. The Chateau dans les Arbres can snugly accommodate up to six guests.