From Contemporary Clubhouses to Edible Gingerbread Abodes

 - Jan 20, 2015
These imaginative playhouse designs range from edible gingerbread abodes to modern clubhouses that are crafted to mimic contemporary architecture. Hobbit-themed kid residences and opulent tree houses are just some of the designs on this list. The structures are whimsical and are often built to resembling something out of a fantastical story or fairy tale.

When examining this list of imaginative playhouse designs, these structures embrace the spirit of childhood and encourage imagination. A memorable example from this cluster is Blue Forest's Magical Treehouse, a fairy tale themed playhouse that rivals some people's homes.

The wood-constructed structure is well-crafted and sculptural, illustrating just how far parents will go when creating a play space for their kids. As young consumers continue to dominate the retail industry, there's no telling how elaborate kids' playhouses are bound to become in the future.