Penda's AIM Legend of Tent Entry is Full of Triangular Bamboo Details

 - Sep 22, 2014
References: home-of-penda & gizmag
There are treehouse hotels and then there is Penda's treehouse hotel. Designed for the AIM Legend of Tent competition, it is a concept that has been dubbed 'one with the birds.' Keeping its surroundings as well as the wildlife in mind, the Beijing-based architecture and design collective created a low-impact design that not only respects the environment, but also encourages its guests to connect with nature in a more meaningful way.

Inspired by the Native American tipi, the treehouse hotel is re-usable and adaptable while leaving no permanent damage when it is moved. The nomadic structure is made out of bamboo sticks tied together with rope that can be easily dismantled to be brought to another site.