- May 11, 2015
Whether you are looking for a beer-centric holiday to expand your craft brew palate or a design-themed accommodation that provides exposure to local artists, there are plenty of themed hotels that meld the travel experience with that of niche consumer interest. In addition to providing value to a guests stay, themed hotels provide an immersive experience for travelers that extends far beyond merely a place to sleep overnight.

While many will be familiar with the fantastical Disney resorts that bend our imaginations, there are several adult-targeted experience-based hotels that will inspire the child in anyone.

From cannabis or wine-centered accommodations provide an indulgent spin on the gourmet food-oriented stay, other themed hotels, like one that offers a window into the set of favorite movies like Star Wars, provide a full spectrum of examples that are sure to resonate with everyone.

From Whimsical Disney Resorts to Artist-Designed Suites: