The Cullen Boutique Hotels Reset and Restore Artists

The Cullen Boutique Hotels are a unique art series based chain of hotels stemming from Melbourne, Australia. The hotel opens its doors to artists and like-minded creative souls who need space to clear their minds, reset and find creativity again. The hotel serves as a muse or vibrant inspiration. The Cullen offers rooms and penthouses filled with unique art works and edgy colored rooms with beautiful views. Customers feed off the vibrant colors and fall asleep adoring their surroundings.

The Cullen Boutique Hotels are more than just rooms to spend the night—the rooms are equipped with a full kitchen, a gym and a pool in a retreat-like package. Many artists and creative personalities stay at The Cullen for extended periods of time and practically live there. The Cullen Boutique Hotels are unique in every way and a great luxury location to recharge your creative batteries.